Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally Vacation Arrives...

The Journey to see my son in law off to Aphganistan....was a 14 hour tirp...road construction, road construction, road construstion...every where road construction. UGH! And very hot too..this is Bentley's first trip with he is sitting up in anticipation..I told him he would get to see the kids...this is a good thing for a doggie.

then he had some lunch

which made him a little bit tired.Oh Yawn..

ok Bentley and Lucky agree, its nap time...
aren't they so cute together.

Bentley is getting concerned..."Are We There yet", he says

even know we left early in the morning it was almost sunset when we were pulling into our destination city..

man this Momma is tired, 14 hours driving alone is a test of patiences for sure...but Bentley was an awseome travel buddy for Little Lucky. We drew attention everywhere we stopped ...
So I need me some sleep cause come morning time the day will be filled with sad hearts  for our troops leaving thier familes..fighting the war for our freedom...

Please keep them all in your prayers...and I will say a special one for my
Sgt. Riley.

see ya tomorrow.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Crosses

These ones are made from Horse Show nails...can ya believe it...I didn't get mine all finished this time...We were at the Merry Go Round Glass shop again..I cannot get enough of that place I tell ya....this time only Sandy and I got to go so the Owner Vicki sat and crafted with was quite nice I must say...

 here are her creations..

my favorite one...

and here she is holding one of them

Sandy had a great time and made some wonderful creations too

isn't this beautiful?  I love the butterfly center

this one is so cute too

mine like I said I din't get done

I want to mount this one and do more to it..

I just need to attach the big orange deal to the middle close to being done.

but you get the idea...these were so fun to make and work with..and crafting with Vicki was a perfect change too. They offer ladies night the 2nd Thursday of every month...wont' you join us if you can...


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions,Decisions.

I am still working on my house and CSN has sent me on a review for  Kitchen Tables  they have some awesome ones


I have a small nook Kitchen so I need something kinda small but fashionable
and kinda like the high up ones..

I like this table with some fun chairs,...

I can  never glad that CSN does reviews so I can make the best choices...

check them out for yourself


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grape Salad and a Giveaway

Check out the giveaway first....

you can find it here--->Our Best Bite

but I have the recipe for you here--->

Grape Salad

1 bag red grapes, washed and drained
1 container blueberries, washed and drained
1 8 oz. tub sour cream
1 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 small bag walnuts crushed
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar
1Tbls. vanilla

Mix Grapes and Blueberries in a bowl large enough to hold, mix the rest of the ingredients, except the brown sugar and walnuts.....mix with brown sugar and walnuts....chill atleast 8 hours before serving..

wha la! new favorite summer salad....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Christmas In July Swap

I know it isn't July anymore..but thats when we did this swap..we all had to make christmas tags for everyone that signed a box that measured 4" in any direction and a small goody to go with it.. I must say I cannot show you mine to compare to because I had to back out due to the problems with my neck...they kept me in and had a angel take my spot for this.  I was elated to see these all..some people do have a big heart uh...Thanks you guys..

well here we go with all of them...some really great ideas here...

the treat..perfect for Texas...filled with mints

and the tags...

some fun ones....
made from a juice can lid and a felt flower

and a flip top stocking

and this is so my style

I love all of packages this christmas will be styling for sure... I love swaps for the creativness, the mixture, the friends you make...and I never would just make this many for my my box was messed up upon arrival so I have none to show for that...I am blessed with some good freinds

oh wait theres one more...I love this one lots..

Happy Holidays


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blissful ATC Swap- August

I had fun with our theme this month.....Orange. what can I do ? what could I make.....all I can think of is oranges , carrots and do that, to boring and the natural thing for orange,  so here is what I come up with..I have an entire bolt of Orange pom-poms...can you imagine what I could do with all that.

I did use them plus orange frames to my orange butterfly..

my card

the back...pretty plain this time

So glad to use even a bit of that orange pom-pom stuff. Check out the swaps at Blissful ATC Swap Blog they do monthly swaps and it is so much fun....and you meet new friends...check out my new friend from this month..

Debbie from Simply Debbie and her husband Simple.  I was going to see my son in law off to Aphganistan and realized she wasn't far off my travel I asker her if she would like to meet...check out the results here..Orange themed ATC Swap...she told the story so much better than I can...I must add my little poms loved them both also...Bentley especially liked sorry about that Deb.

and here is the card Debbie gave to me.
I just love it and will always remember the special lady that gave this to me on the side of the road in Oklahoma.

the back

and she gave me some little gifts...I love the oklahoma tag

in the pretty orange butterfly envelope

and we met at this little orange house...isn't it so cute...check out the rest on Deb's blog

Debbie it was so very nice to meet you both, you are such a special soal...thanks so much for chatting with me along my drive made my long trip so much more enjoyable too...
I will keep you in my prayers always my new friend.


Friday, August 13, 2010

My Soldier

 I have a Son-in-Law that is being deployed to Aphganistan soon....I made him a gift to carry in his pocket while is a yellow lace ribbon I made to show him I supported his efforts. I love him with my whole heart. He is the man that married my daughter and fathered my grandkids....and he is our gaurentee for freedom...I love him, I respect him, I will keep my prayers for him and here to ask you to help me do all this..
this next year will be tough for me and my family...I am at a loss...I have not had this experience myself to help guide my child thru this. I just hope I can give them the love, and support that is right.

This is Gabe and his son..supporting the USA flag. His son is a minnie me. So identical to his daddy.
If any one wants to help me support him while he is over please contact me and we will work something would be greatly appreciated.
but mostly please keep him and his family in your prayers.
thanks Gabe.

sending my support

the yellow ribbon was made on my embroidery machine..called stand alone lace..I have made many of these for friends and thier children...this is a first for someone so close to my heart.