Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Tags

I made these out of something lots of people love....can you guess what it is? I love to recycle stuff into other things. I like the tags alot and some special freinds will get one of these attached to thier gift this year...I used the new felt cut-outs you can get at Hobby Lobby and scraps I had from other projects...Happy Holidays.....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cookie Containers....

Made from laughing Cow Cheese boxes for my grandkids.  I have been using these boxes for most every holiday to send them cookies.  They love them  and they don't cost me much to make...I used PCCrafter graphics by Laurie Furnell.  Aren't they the cutest

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Turkey Pin

this little guy was a gift from my friend Barbra who comes to my Annual Christmas party..isn't he just the cutest little thing...I was so surprised to find him in my mail box....ADORABLE!...thanks Miss Barbra I love him. I have a hard time finding Thanksgiving/ Fall crafts that are fun to make so he is special to me. A gift from a friend and a craft so small and fun to make and assemble...its all good...Happy Thanksgiving to all my freinds and all my blogland friends too....may your day be filled with family and friends and the spirit of the holidays...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Plaque

 Using Uppercase Living Expressions from my friend Julie's Site. If you purchase so much in sales you can earn free ones...this is the free one I got . I also purchased the plaque from them in thier catalog . This took me longer to put the ribbon in then it did to apply the Expression. That how easy this stuff is to work with. And the results have totally pleased me...Great quality vinyl  expressions.  OOPS! there I go sounding like a sales rep again..I assure I am not. Satisfied customer thou....

I had fun with this one and embellished it to my liking. Now it is proudly displated on my coffee table for the Holiday Season.  And I purchased this in the color of my choice so it matches perfectly with my Victorian Christmas theme. Please do check out Julie's Site and tell her I sent you....she is a gret lady to work with and get just what you need....I will be showing some of the other items in my house so please check back...Happy Holiday Season of crafting my blogland friends...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lettered Christmas Ornaments

  Made using Uppercase Living Expressions in the seasons Glimmer texture...I just loved it and it is only good thru the end of December so if you like it also you need to hurry to my friend Julie's Site and order yours today, You will not be dissappointed..the next few days I will feature items I have made using Uppercase Living Expressions so please check back for some fun useful items for you home....Do I sound like a sales I am not...I just really really like this stuff and wanted to share my ideas with you is very easy and fun to work with for all us crafters on the look out for new stuff to play with. Quick and Awesome Gifts too.

I had a party and my freind Sheryl booked a party from mine so I got two of these lovelies.One from her party and One from my party.  This is the item we got to make at our parties shown above...aren't they just cute...and clickable so you can enlarge to see the details of this fun glimmer a hostess I got this set of lovelies shown below...that I think will be for my grand-kids tree once I finished decorating them

please if you are looking for a fun new medium to play with check this out at Julie's Site she will, I assure you, set you up with everything you need for  you to have as much fun as I have had..Tell her DeeDee sent you....check back the next few days for my samples of fun...

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Annual Christmas Party is finally here...

All my 5 friends come to visit today for my Annual Christmas Craft Party..they come with supplies and food for us to go ahead and enjoy a evening of fun and gossip to catch up on the years news with each of us. My freind Becky brought her mom Pauline, My friend Cindy brought her mom Barbra, Ann Marie had a great babysitter this year so we all could stay and get this load of crafts done... look on to see the results

First off I needed to set us up for the festivities....check out our crafat area with a view...70º in Texas today made this a beautiful day to open the doors.

    Next we needed to see what we were making..I keep it a surprise until they come


...we decided to change this for next year so it would make shopping for the supplies a bit easier to choose colors and all. Also next year we will all have lunch and go shopping for supplies together...since they are not crafty they have a hard time finding the supplies...I never knew this part was stressing them all out alot...takes away the we fixed this problem for next year...  then we needed to find our spots to sit. I always make them some small gifts to take for thier holiday season...this year was a travel mug with velvet snowflake fabric inside,..two candle votives and a glass for the holiday season this also had a matching coaster...  then of course candy, a tin with christmas tags inside and then directions with a bag  to take along the bag is directions for the projects, recipes for the things I have made us to munch on. and any small items  that might get lost..

   Now that we have found our spots its time to craft .....let me introduce you to my friends... left to right is Cindy,Becky and Ann Marie....then the next one is Becky's mom Pauline and Cindy's Mom Barbra...and ofcourse me and my two doggies....not pictured...for got to take one of let the fun begin. I always get excitied because every year there is one thing Barbra just loves and makes for all her friends...what will it be this year....ummm..cannot wait to see...

   Well here it is the one thing that Cindy and her mom just loved......dum dum dum dum.....(thats my drum roll) out of all these projects...

its the Bow

Can you believe it is the easiest I thought it would be the pens.


   And lastly... a picture of everyones finsihed projects....



Now with another year behind us we are all caught up on gossip, 10 pounds heavier from all the goodies and enjoyed a fun evening with each other once again to start our Holiday seasons off with the spirit of sharing. And we already got our projects for next year set up..that will make the process less stressful for me..this is lots of work, but I love it so much and am so very glad I started this traditon with me and my closet friends....Happy Holidays every one...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Candle

 Ok I know I already showed a candle I made, but this is the actual candle they will be making at my Annual Christmas Craft Party.  I make samples of all these to make sure they are easy enough for my non-crafty friends to accomplish...I think this one will be a huge hit. We will add extra embellishments at the glitter I think..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Window Clings

  This is the 4th Craft we will make at my Annual Christmas Craft Party...they are snowflake window clings. We used scribbles paint and some snow flake  patterns and made a pile of snow flakes that will stick to your windows...they are glittery and very pretty and ohso easy to make. I am sure everyone will have tons of fun making these. And thier kids will have fun too when they go home..I am sure this will be one that gets done with thier kids.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Covered Pens.

   Here is the 3rd craft  for my Annual Christmas Craft Party. I made these with my meet-up groupd called Texas Art Glass from Sculpey clay. . I just loved them and knew I wanted to make more and I knew it would be easy enough for my friends to make here are mine. I decided I wanted to make  breast cancer this lovely shade of pink worked well.

I burnt my first attempt. BAD!!!. I was sad becasue I really liked this one alot. Lesson learnt to watch them cook  check back for the cool ones my freinds all made....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Blog Award

  From my freind Brenda, her and I met on PCCrafter message board and when our lives moved us on we remained friends in blog land.. I love her inspiration, she makes some awesome stuff I always want to copy. Brenda is always a faithful follower of mine even when I am being a bad blogger and not running around to other place including hers...hehehe! please forgive me I have been having so much fun in my real time life I have been a bit bad in my blog friends lives. I have to give this to some other friends of mine in blog land so her it goes.

What a great reward to recieve, one that celebrates friendship, rather than my crafts , thier crafts, thier numbers or thier stats....just becasue we are  freinds. Awesome! it is.

Donna  my freind that collects acrons...if you have some awesome acorns where you are from please contact her and send her a sample of yours...she also has an awesome giveaway going on right now too. She visits me allthe way from North Port Florida

Jennifer is my new friend I met at Anthologies on Saturday for a crop I attended. check out her blog it is awesome inspirations I am sure I will be there often...I visit her here in Fort Worth Texas

Deb from Proper Prim  if you like primative style you need to go here..she makes over some great stuff and I want it all...She faithfully follows my blog also all the way from Ontario Canada...

Linda makes the most beautiful cards, I go to her place for some ideas when I need some inspirations...I love when linda comes to visit my place also.. She visits me all the way from Idaho

Tammy is my blog friend who visits me all the way from kuwat....she always leaves me with a smile...

so there you have it some of my blogland friends that I wanted to make sure they know I appreciate them and to introduce you to them also...tell them DeeDee sent ya k.....I wish they all lived next door to me...hehehe!

Big Hugs Brenda you have made my day today......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blog Giveaway....come see

   My friend Donna from  Bryonwood Needleworks is having her 200th post giveaway. I am tellin you her stuff is fantasitc and her style even better. I love her hand work and the things she does and  I go to her page for consistant inspirations. She also has a Etsy Shop  and her own personal Website on top of her fun Blog . So you can totaly see where one can be truely inspired by here works.  So please my blogland friends pay her a fisit and tell her I sent you...oh yeah while you are there, you can become her friend also and get your chances to win this wonderful blog giveaway.....I have only posted a bit of her style in this post so please hurry over there  to see ends Novemebr 27th so not much time

P.S. Donna I love this magazine for the quilted post cards....I have felted some , but never quilted any..

Monday, November 16, 2009

CTMH Christmas Cards


   I went to a fun class with my local group called Creative Outlet and we made the cutest Christmas cards with a stamp set from Close to MY Heart. I didn't get to ask what this set is called, but I tell you I sure do love it and will be purchasing it in the future. I am not a very good stamper so I keep taking these small classes to pick up some technique and tips. I love how these cards turned out and will be using them for some speicial girl friends this year. I was working on these on crop night at Anthologies . If you live by the Fort Worth area this is a store to check out. A very fun place to crop and shop..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snowman Hanging

    I seen these in the December 2009 Craft 'n things magazine and thought this would be fun to make for my Christmas Craft Party...So this is the third item we will be working on. This one is a bit harder, but not real bad..I have confidence they will be able to do this craft also. I like it because I am not a painter, but this is simle painting so can be accomplished with good results. My Girl will love this for her blue themed Christmas....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beautiful Butterfly Candle

    I've seen lots of ladies doing candles and finally tried my hand at it....This is the second craft we will be making for my Christmas Craft Party. I am sure the ladies can handle this easy craft no problems. What a great personalized gift this would make. I think we will do Christmas ones also..